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View & Manage Products

View and manage your existing products from the Product Manager > All Products section of the Farmstanding dashboard.

Edit a product to update price, adjust the inventory, or change the name or image. To remove a product from your shop, you can set the inventory Stock status to “out of stock” or set the inventory stock quantity to 0. You can also delete a product at any time.

Add a New Product

Go to the Product Manager > Add Product to add new products. There are two types of products:

  • Simple product: This lets you set a price and stock status and is best for cases where each product is completely unique.
  • Variable product: If you have a line of products that only differ by 1-2 attributes, using a variable product will make it easier to manage your products and make navigating your store easier. For example, a soap bar with 6 different fragrances would be best as a variable product. With variable products, customers will make their selection at checkout.

Add a Simple Product

  • Name (required): Set the product’s name
  • Description (optional): write a short description of the product. (This will be displayed on product pages, but not on your main shop page or on marketplace pages.)
  • Image (optional): upload an image. If you don’t have an image available, a placeholder will be used.
  • Price (required): Scroll down to the General area and set your regular price.
  • Sale Price (optional): Set a sale price and use the schedule option to set dates for the sale price to be displayed.
  • Inventory Quantity (optional): By default, new products will be market as In stock. To set a stock quantity, click the Inventory tab, then click Enable stock management at product level. Set your stock quantity. You can also set a Low stock threshold or use the default. You will be emailed when the Low stock threshold is reached.

Add a Variable Product

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