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Customer Orders

Depending on your setup, there are a number of ways for customers to find and buy your products. No matter how they find you or order from you, you’ll be able to view and manage orders for every location or Market in the same way.

From Your Shop

When customers visit your shop page directly, they can add products to their cart, then select their pickup location and date/time at checkout.

If you have added multiple locations or pickup times, they will be able to choose from any of the options that are available at the time they purchase. If you have set up ordering restrictions, the available pickup options will vary throughout the week.

When you are linked to a Marketplace, the market’s location will also be shown as an available pickup option when customers check out directly from your shop page.

From Linked Marketplaces

If your business is linked to any Farmstanding Marketplaces, your products will be available for purchase on the marketplace page. Customers visiting the marketplace page can purchase your products along with products from any other vendors in the marketplace.

When a customer purchases from multiple vendors in a single Marketplace order, a suborder will be generated for you containing the products you sold. Your portion of the earnings will be automatically attributed to your account.

From Farmstanding Searches

Customers who use the Farmstanding search to look for products you sell will see your business if you have a location listed in their search area. If you do not have a nearby location but you are linked to a market in that area, the market will show up in the results.

Once customers click on the result, they will land on a listing page that contains a link to your shop page or to the linked Marketplace.

Order Confirmation Emails

When a customer makes a purchase, they will be sent a confirmation email. You will also receive a confirmation email every time your products are sold. If it’s an order through your shop, you will receive a confirmation of the entire order. If it’s a marketplace order, you will receive an email containing only your portion of the order.

View & Manage Orders

With Farmstanding, you can view and manage orders in two ways:

  1. View and manage orders by customer
  2. View the list of products ordered to any of your pickup locations or linked marketplaces

Customer Orders

View all orders by customer in the Orders > Customer Orders section of your Farmstanding Dashboard. Filter orders by pickup location, pickup date/time, or order status (processing, completed, etc).

Click the eye icon in the Actions column of the orders table to view order details. You’ll see customer, product, and sales information. You’ll also have the option to add notes to an order or process a refund, if necessary.

Click the pdf icon in the Actions column of the orders table to download an order receipt for that order.

Printing Receipts & Changing Order Status

Update the order status using the Bulk Actions dropdown, or use the Download customer receipt option to download multiple customer receipts into a multi-page file that’s ready to print.

Products Ordered

Use the Orders > Products Ordered section of your Farmstanding Dashboard to view lists of the products ordered for each location where you’ve made sales. Filter by location, pickup date/time, and order status. Use the Download Packing List button to download a list of products ordered for the selected pickup location and date.

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