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Restricting When Customers Can Order

If you need time to prepare your products after you receive orders, then you may want to prevent customers from placing orders too close to one of your pickup times.

You can set up ordering restrictions which will be applied to all of your locations, including any linked marketplaces for farmers’ markets or local food hubs.

When you set ordering restrictions, customers will be prevented from ordering your products within a certain number of hours of the pickup start time. (The number of hours will depend on your settings)

This is how it works for customers when your ordering closes:

  • Customer attempting to order from your shop will not be able to select upcoming dates/times where ordering has closed. Instead, they will see options for future dates/times at any of your locations.
  • Customers attempting to order from a Marketplace you participate in will see that the Add to Cart button beside your products has been disabled and changed to Ordering Closed.

How to Set Ordering Restrictions

You can set ordering restrictions in the Location Manager > Pickup Settings.

  1. Turn on the option to Restrict Ordering Times.
  2. Set the number of days before pickup that customers can start ordering. This controls when each pickup location will become available for checkout. To avoid confusion for both vendors and customers, the maximum is 7 days.
  3. Set the number of hours before pickup that ordering will close. This controls when each pickup location will become unavailable for checkout.

Example: A baker has a 12pm Wednesday pickup and a 12pm Saturday pickup and needs 48 hours to prepare her orders. She sets the Ordering Close restriction to 48 hours and Ordering Open to 7 days. At 12pm on Monday, the Wednesday pickup stops accepting orders, but customers can still check out for the 12pm Saturday pickup until Thursday at 12pm. The Wednesday pickup becomes available again at 12pm on Wednesday, since ordering opens 7 days in advance.

Ordering Restrictions and Linked Marketplaces

If one of your linked marketplaces has also applied ordering restrictions, the earliest restriction will be used. In other words, if the market’s ordering closes before yours does, customers won’t be able to order after the market closes, even if you would still be willing to accept orders.

Example 1: The market closes orders 12 hours before pickup but your shop closes orders 48 hours before. Starting 48 hours before pickup, the Add To Cart button on the Marketplace page next to each of your products will be disabled. For customers checking out directly from your shop, the market’s location will be hidden from the available pickup location options.

Example 2: The market closes orders 24 hours before pickup but you close your orders 2 hours before. On the marketplace page, all ordering will be disabled 24 hours before pickup. For customers checking out directly from your shop within 24 hours of pickup, the market’s location will be hidden from the available pickup location options.

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