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Processing Customer Payments

Once a customer places an order from your Online Shop or any Farmstanding Marketplaces where you sell your products, Farmstanding automatically collects payment and marks the order as processing. Your customers will receive an email confirmation with their receipt once they’ve finished the payment flow.

Setting a Payout Method

To receive payments for your sales, set up your payment method in your Farmstanding Dashboard under Store Settings > Payout Settings.

Select your Payout Method, add your information, and Save Settings. You’re now ready to receive payments!

Payout Schedule

Payments will be processed weekly for all orders that have been marked completed by Monday at midnight.

Completing Orders to Release Funds

Customer orders must be delivered to the customer and marked completed before your funds can be released for payment.

To update the status of an order to completed, go to the Orders > Customer Orders area of your Farmstanding Dashboard. Select the orders that you want to update and use the Bulk Actions dropdown to Mark orders as completed. Funds from these orders are now ready to be paid.

Funds from orders that were not marked completed before the weekly payment window closed will be held until the next payment after the order is completed.

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