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Pickup Locations on Farmstanding

With Farmstanding, you can add unlimited pickup locations to your shop and participate in unlimited Farmstanding Marketplaces. These are the two possible types of locations:

  • Pickup locations you manage directly. These can be any point on the map where you want to offer pickups – your main shop front, a popup, or a farmers’ market that doesn’t have an online marketplace.
  • Marketplace locations, which are multi-vendor marketplaces managed by farmers’ markets or local food hubs.

You can add, edit or remove your own pickup locations  at any time. To participate in a Marketplace, you must be added by the market manager. Once you have been added, you can control your availability in the Marketplace to easily take a day or a week off.

In order for your shop to accept sales, there must be at least 1 pickup location and time available for customers. This can be either a linked marketplace or a location you manage.

How Your Own Pickup Locations Work

When you add a new pickup location, it will automatically be:

  1. Added to the nearby search results in the Farmstanding search so that your farm or business will be found near every location you serve.
  2. Available as a pickup option when customers purchase from your shop, so any customer visiting your shop can schedule pickups at the most convenient location/time for them.

How Farmstanding Market Locations Work

When a market manager adds you to their Farmstanding Marketplace, the following will happen:

  1. Your products will be added to the Marketplace, so customers can purchase from you and other vendors in a single checkout.
  2. The market’s location will be added as an available pickup option when customers check out directly from your shop.
  3. Users searching near the market’s location for goods you sell will see the market in the results, which will lead them to the marketplace where they can buy your products.
  4. You will be listed as a vendor on the market’s listing page, so existing customers of the Market or of other market vendors will be introduced to your products.
  5. The Market will be listed on your listing page as a market you attend.

Selling at a Farmstanding market does not require any setup from you, since it is managed by the market. Once the Market has added you, customers can buy your products and pickup at the market location.

However, if you ever need to be away temporarily, it is possible for you to control your Market availability from your account without affecting your other locations, as explained below.

Location Manager

To view your current locations and linked marketplaces, go to Location Manager > All Pickup Locations in your Farmstanding Dashboard.

Own Pickup Locations

In the My Own Pickup Locations area, you’ll see all of the locations and available pickup times that you have added. When you first start, the only item will be your main location, and it will not have an available pickup time yet.

In order to offer your main location as a pickup, you must edit the location and set your available pickup times. As soon as you set pickup times and save, the pickup location will become available to customers.

You can edit or remove locations at any time, so it’s easy to add temporary popup locations.

Add a New Pickup Location

If you plan to sell at a farmers’ market or local food hub that has a Farmstanding Marketplace, you do not need to add a location for the market, since the location is managed by the market manager. Once you’re linked to the marketplace, customers can buy your products and pick up at the market location. Read more about selling through a Farmstanding Marketplace.

Go to the Location Manager > Add Pickup Location to add a new location to your shop.

  1. Enter a name for the location. This will show in search results, so make sure it’s descriptive for customers. We recommend you include the name of your business and some brief identifying information about the location. For example “My Business (TOWN Popup)” or “My Business (TOWN Farmers’ Market)”
  2. Set your pickup hours
  3. Set the location’s address

Once you save, your new location will be immediately active as an available pickup location for your shop.

Manage Marketplace Availability

If any farmers’ market or food hub marketplaces have linked to your business, you’ll see them here.

Farmstanding Markets have both a listing page with vendor information and a marketplace page where customers can purchase products. When markets add you as a vendor, your business information will be automatically added to their listing page. For your products to be sold through their marketplace, you must also be linked to the marketplace. This can be done either by you or by the market manager.

  • Link a market to add all of your products to their marketplace and to add their location/time as a pickup option when customers check out directly from your shop. To link a market, check the box next to the market and click Update Markets.
  • Unlink a market to remove all of your products from their marketplace and remove the market’s pickup location from your shop’s pickup options. To unlink, uncheck the box next to the market name and click Update Markets.

It is possible to be listed as a market vendor without selling products through the marketplace. That means you can be away from the market for a week without being removed from the market’s vendor list or worrying about products being incorrectly ordered to the location in your absence. Simply unlink your shop and relink it when you return.

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