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Market Products

As a Market, there are two ways to offer products for sale in your marketplace:

  1. Connect a vendor to offer their products in your marketplace. All the products of every connected vendor will be automatically added to your marketplace for sale.
  2. Add and manage your own products. 

Selling Products of Connected Vendors

When a vendor’s products are sold, the customer’s payment is automatically split and attributed to each vendor who had products in the order. Vendor accounts will show all information about their sales, and they will be paid automatically for their portion of all Market orders.

You don’t need to manage any payments or order tracking for your vendors.

You also do not need to do any product management, since vendors manage their own products from within their accounts. All inventory and pricing is controlled by the vendor.

The only step you need to do is connect vendors to your market during setup. Once vendors are connected, Farmstanding will handle the rest automatically so you can focus on the in-person experience at your market.

Add and Manage Your Own Products

If you want to offer your own products in addition to vendor products, you can manage these exactly the same was as they would be managed from a Shop account.

Read more about adding and managing products

All sales of your products will be attributed to your account. To get paid, you will need to set up a payment method, exactly like a Shop account.

Read more about receiving payments

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