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Managing Your Market’s Pickup Location

Markets can only have one pickup location which you set during signup. However, you can offer multiple pickup times. Customers will select their pickup time during checkout.

If you need to change your pickup location for any reason, contact support.

Pickup Times

Manage your pickup times from Store Settings > Pickup Settings in the Farmstanding Dashboard. In Your Pickup Locations and Times click Add Pickup Time and set the Day, Opening Time and Closing Time for your market. Add as many additional times as you want. Make sure to Save Settings when you’re done updating.

Ordering Restrictions

You can set ordering restrictions to prevent orders too close to your market opening time.

  1. Turn on the option to Restrict Ordering Times.
  2. Set the number of days before pickup that customers can start ordering. This controls when customers can start placing orders for a market day. To avoid confusion for both vendors and customers, the maximum is 7 days in advance.
  3. Set the number of hours before pickup that your ordering will close. This controls when all products in your marketplace will become unavailable for checkout.

Example: A market has a 12pm Wednesday pickup and a 12pm Saturday pickup and needs 24 hours to prepare their orders. They set the Ordering Close restriction to 24 hours and Ordering Open to 7 days. At 12pm on Tuesday, the Wednesday pickup stops accepting orders, but customers can still check out for the 12pm Saturday pickup until Friday at 12pm. The Wednesday pickup becomes available again at 12pm on Wednesday, since ordering opens 7 days in advance.

Vendors can also apply their own ordering restrictions. If their ordering cutoff is earlier than yours (or if you do not have one), then it will not be possible to purchase products from those vendors after the cutoff time. For a weekly market, customers will need to wait until ordering reopens for the next week. For markets with multiple pickup days, customers can purchase that vendor’s products for a different pickup time farther in the future.

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