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Customer Orders at Your Market

Customers can order for pickup at your market in 2 ways:

  1. Customers can checkout directly from your marketplace page.
  2. Customers can checkout from the shop of one of your linked vendors and select your market’s location as the pickup location during checkout.

Whether the customer goes through your marketplace or through a vendor’s shop, you’ll be able to view and manage the order for every order at your market.

Vendor Suborders & Dividing Customer Payments

When a customer purchases from multiple vendors in a single order, a suborder will be generated for each vendor and earnings will be automatically split between vendors.

  • Customers will receive a confirmation for their entire order, so they will not see the vendor suborders.
  • Vendors will only have access to the suborder containing their portion of the order

As the market manager, you will be able to view and manage the complete customer order, as well as the suborder for each vendor.

Order Confirmation Emails

When a customer purchases products for pickup at your market, they will be sent a confirmation email. Additionally, each vendor who sold products in the order will receive an email confirmation containing the information for their suborder.

You will not receive order confirmation emails, but you can view all orders from the Farmstanding Dashboard.

View & Manage Orders

In your Farmstanding Dashboard, you can view and manage orders in three ways:

  1. View and manage customer orders
  2. View and manage vendor suborders
  3. View the “packing list” of products ordered for any of your pickup times

Customer Orders

View all orders by customer in the Orders > Customer Orders section of your Farmstanding Dashboard. Filter orders by pickup date/time, vendor, or order status (processing, completed, etc).

Click the eye icon in the Actions column of the orders table to view the order details for the customer. You’ll see customer, all products purchased & who sold them, and sales totals.

Note that when you filter orders by vendor, you will only see the vendor’s suborder.

Update the order status using the Bulk Actions dropdown or download order receipts for customers. Only your market account can access a receipt for the main order including products ordered from multiple vendors. Vendors can download order receipts, but only for their suborder.

Vendor Suborders

In the Suborders column of the Orders > Customer Orders area you can view each vendor’s portion of the order. These suborders are exactly the same as the orders that vendors can view from their accounts. You can view or add order notes or process a refund if necessary.

Products Ordered

Use the Orders > Products Ordered section of your Farmstanding Dashboard to view the lists of the products ordered for each pickup date where you’ve made sales. Filter by pickup date/time, vendor, and order status.

Use the Download Packing List button to download a list of the products ordered for the selected pickup date and vendor. If All vendors is selected, Download Packing List will generate a separate packing list for each vendor.

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