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Inviting New Vendors

If a vendor has not joined Farmstanding, you won’t be able to include them on your Market listing page or link them to your Marketplace. There are two ways to invite vendors to Farmstanding.

Send a “Pre-Linked” Invitation Email

With a “pre-linked” invitation, vendors will receive an email with an invitation from your market and a registration link. After completing the setup form, they will be automatically added to your listing page and linked to your Marketplace. You won’t need to do anything else. Any products they add will be available for immediate sale through your marketplace.

Currently, Pre-Linked Invitation Emails must be sent by the Farmstanding team. Please contact support for help with this. Provide the emails of the vendors you want to invite, and the name of your market. If you want to use a custom message in your invitation, please include that as well. Otherwise we will use a template.

Contact Vendors Directly

Alternatively, you can reach out to vendors yourself and invite them to join by sharing the Farmstanding Registration Link. This will not automatically link vendors to your market. Once they have completed setup, you will need to return to the Vendor Manager to link them to your listing page and marketplace.

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