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With Farmstanding, you can sell items for pickup through your shop or connected Markets, accept payments online, and make your business easily searchable near any of your pickup locations, locations of connected markets, or areas where you deliver. Add products once to make them available at all of your own locations and your connected Markets. Sell through multi-vendor local marketplaces or directly through your own shop page and view orders in one place. Manage everything in one place so you spend less time navigating sales systems and more time focusing on what matters most: your business.

Farmstanding is easier for customers, too. New customers searching for your products in your area will find your nearest pickup location, whether it’s your own location or a farmers’ market you sell at. Existing farmers’ market customers can buy from all of their favorite vendors in one marketplace checkout. Or your existing customers can checkout and pay directly from your shop page  – no more taking orders by email or Facebook message.

Getting Started

If you’ve already signed up for Farmstanding, you can get started right from your Farmstanding Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your Farmstanding Dashboard.
  2. Enter the Business Name that will show in search results, on your shop page, and in marketplaces you join.
  3. Select your account Type. (For a farmers’ market or local food hub, check out this setup guide instead.)
  4. Select the Category of products you sell. Your business will show up in search results for any of the categories you select.
  5. Set your pickup/delivery options. Your business will show up in search results for the distribution methods you select. If you offer delivery, make sure to choose a delivery area so customers in your area can find you.
  6. Add your main location. You will be able to add more locations later.

Once you submit the form, your business will immediately be listed on Farmstanding and available in search results!

Your shop page has also been created, although it’s not quite ready for sales yet. There are 2 final steps before you can start selling:

  1. Set at least 1 available pickup location/time for customers to select at checkout. (This can be a Market or your own location)
  2. Add 1 or more products for sale

From the Farmstanding Dashboard you are now able to do all of the following:

  • Add or manage pickup locations/times, including linked marketplaces like farmers’ markets & food hubs
  • Add or manage products for sale
  • View and manage orders or update status
  • Customize your shop’s appearance, description, and contact information

Managing Pickup Locations and Joining Markets

With Farmstanding, you can add unlimited pickup locations and participate in unlimited Farmstanding Markets without doing any additional shop configuration or product/inventory management. This means you can easily offer online sales anywhere, from farmers’ markets and food hubs to your own shop or popups.

There are two types of locations in Farmstanding:

  • Market locations, which are managed by farmers’ markets or local food hubs.
  • Your locations, which you manage directly.

In order for your shop to accept sales, there must be at least 1 pickup location and time available for customers. This can be either a Market location or a location you manage.

Market Locations

Market locations are managed by farmers’ markets or local food hubs. They offer a multi-vendor marketplace where customers can do a 1-step checkout from many vendors for pickup at the market’s location. To join a Market and have your products included in the marketplace, the market manager needs to connect your shop.

Once a Market connects your shop, customers can buy your products through the marketplace and pick them up at the Market’s location and time. To participate in a Market, you do not need to do anything other than complete your Farmstanding registration and add your products.

There is no limit to the number of Markets where you can sell your products. Once one or more Markets have connected to you, you can easily manage availability at all of your Markets from the Farmstanding Dashboard, in case you ever need to miss a pickup date.

Learn how to manage your availability at connected Markets

Your Own Locations

Your own locations can be any point on the map where you want to offer pickups – your main shop front, a popup, or a farmers’ market that doesn’t have an online marketplace. You can add, remove, or edit locations at any time, so it’s easy to try out a new one-time popup.

Every new location you add will automatically be:

  1. Added to the results in the Farmstanding search so nearby customers will find you when searching near your new location.
  2. Available as a pickup option when customers purchase from your shop

Learn how to add & manage your shop’s pickup locations

Restricting When Customers Can Order

By default, customers can place orders at any time for pickup at any of your locations. If you need time to prepare your products after you receive orders, then you may want to prevent customers from placing orders too close to one of your pickup times.

You can set up ordering restrictions which will be applied to all of your locations, including any connected Marketplaces you participate in (such as farmers’ markets or local food hubs).

When you set ordering restrictions, customers will be prevented from ordering your products within a certain number of hours of the pickup start time. The number of hours will depend on your settings.

This is how it works for customers when your ordering closes:

  • Customer attempting to order from your shop will not be able to select upcoming dates/times where ordering has already closed. Instead, they will see options for future dates/times at your various locations.
  • Customers attempting to order from a Marketplace you participate in will see that the Add to Cart button beside your products has been disabled and changed to Ordering Closed.

Ordering will automatically reopen at each location once its upcoming pickup time is outside of the restricted ordering window.

Learn how to set up ordering restrictions

Products in your Farmstanding Shop

With Farmstanding, you manage products for all of your locations in one place, including products sold through Marketplaces. Add products once, then sell them anywhere. Your inventory will be tracked and updated automatically for sales you make at any location or Marketplace, and you’ll receive an email when your inventory runs low.

Farmstanding provides two options for tracking inventory:

  1. Toggle an “in stock” or “out of stock” option for simple management. This works well for products that are made to order, such as baked goods.
  2. Manage stock at the product level by setting a number of available inventory and a low stock threshold. Farmstanding will automatically update the inventory amount when your products are sold. When your low stock threshold is reached for a product, you’ll receive an email notification.

Out-of-stock products will not be displayed in your shop or any of your linked marketplaces.

Learn how to add and manage products

Orders in Your Shop or Markets

There are many ways for customers to find you and order from you on Farmstanding:

  • New customers can find you by location using the Farmstanding search
  • Customers of farmers’ markets & food hubs can buy from you through your connected Markets
  • You can share a direct link to your shop page on your website or social media to make it easy for your existing customers.
  • Customers of other vendors at your Markets can find your products from the other vendor’s page by clicking on the Market information listed there.

No matter how customers find and order your products, you’ll be able to view and manage orders for every location and Market in the same way. When customers purchase your products from your Shop or from a Market, you’ll get an email with the order information. You’ll also be able to view and manage all orders from the Farmstanding Dashboard.

You can view and manage orders in two ways:

  1. View and manage orders by customer, and print order receipts in bulk.
  2. View the list of products ordered to each pickup location, and print packing lists to make fulfillment easy.

Learn more about receiving and managing your orders


Once a customer places an order from your online Shop or any Farmstanding Market where you sell your products, Farmstanding automatically collects payment and marks the order as processing. Your customers will receive an email confirmation with their receipt once they’ve finished the payment flow.

Payments for multi-vendor Market orders are automatically split between vendors, so all of your earnings are immediately attributed to you, even if the sale is made through a Market. This means that your Markets don’t need to do any payment tracking, and you can manage and receive payments from all of your locations in the same place.

To receive payments for your sales, set up your payment method in your Farmstanding Dashboard under Store Settings > Payout Settings. Select your Payout Method, add your information, and Save Settings. You’re now ready to receive payments! Payments will be processed weekly for all orders that have been marked completed by Monday at midnight.

Read more about completing orders and receiving payments


Shops are free to setup and maintain, so you’ll only pay when you make sales through Farmstanding. When a customer orders one of your products online through your shop or through one of your connected Markets, you’ll pay a standard credit card fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and a small platform fee of 2%. This lets us reinvest into continually improving the platform and supporting and promoting all of our vendors and markets.

If your shop has been sponsored by a local food organization as a member benefit, then the platform fee will be covered by your organization and you will only pay the credit card processing fee.

Read more about Farmstanding fees

Customize Your Shop’s Appearance, Description, and Contact Info

Go to Store Settings > Storefront to update your shop’s appearance and information. You can edit all of the following information at any time:

  • Cover Picture: Upload a new image for your shop. This will show on your shop page and in all search results.
  • Logo: Upload your logo. This will show on your shop page
  • Name: This is displayed on your shop and in search results for your primary location. To edit the name for your other locations, use the Location Manager
  • Slug: Edit the slug to change the URL associated with your shop. You shop will be located at
  • Description
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Remember to save your settings after you’re done making changes.

Change Your Online Shop’s URL

You can customize your shop URL from the Store Settings > Storefront in the Slug field.

All shops on Farmstanding begin with, which will be displayed and uneditable. After that, you can edit the final part of your URL, such as

Make sure to Save Settings when you’re done.

Use Your Online Shop with Your Existing Website

Add Your Shop to Your Website Using a Button

  1. In the header bar of the Farmstanding Dashboard, click My Shop.
  2. Copy the URL.
  3. On your website, create a new button
  4. Use the URL for your Farmstanding Shop as the button’s link.

Add Your Shop in the Navigation Menu of Your Website

  1. In the header bar of the Farmstanding Dashboard, click My Shop.
  2. Copy the URL.
  3. On your website, create a new navigation menu item.
  4. Use the URL for your Farmstanding Shop as the link URL for the navigation item.
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