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Fees for Shops

Shops are free to setup and maintain, so you’ll only pay when you make sales through Farmstanding. When a customer orders one of your products online through your shop or through a marketplace shop you are linked to, you’ll pay a standard credit card fee and a small platform fee.

Credit Card Fee

Farmstanding uses Stripe for secure credit card processing. The credit/debit card fee for is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Platform Fee

Farmstanding charges a small platform fee of 2% on all sales. This lets us reinvest into continually improving the platform and supporting and promoting all of our vendors and markets.

Organization Sponsorship

If your shop has been sponsored by a local food organization as a member benefit, then the 2% platform fee will be covered by your organization and you will only pay the credit card processing fee.

If you’re a member of a local food organization and interested in a sponsored shop, please contact us and recommend your organization so we can reach out!

Fees for Marketplaces

Marketplaces on Farmstanding are 100% free to set up, operate, and maintain. For sales of vendor products, fees will be paid by the vendor providing the product, according to the information listed above.

If you choose to add and manage your own products within your marketplace, then each time you sell one of your own products you will pay the standard credit card fee and platform fee listed in the Fees for Shops area.

If you only offer products from linked vendors and you never add your own products, your marketplace will remain completely free.

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