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How Vendor Management Works

The vendor manager lets you connect your vendors to your market. There are two levels for connecting vendors to your Market:

  1. Add vendors to the vendor list on your market listing page.
  2. Add vendors to the vendor list on your market listing page and also sell the vendor’s products in your marketplace.

All vendors with products in the marketplace will be shown on your market listing page. However, it is possible to include vendors on your listing page without selling their products through your marketplace. This means that a vendor can be away from your market for a week without being removed from your vendor list or worrying about products being incorrectly ordered to the location in your absence.

Add a Vendor to Your Listing Page

To add a vendor to your listing page, go to the Manage Vendors > Listed Vendors section of the Farmstanding Dashboard and search for the farm or business you want to link.

If the farm or business is available in your search, simply select it so it is added to the right column, then Save Settings. Click My Listing Page in the top navigation bar to view the linked vendor on your page.

If you can’t find a business by searching, then it is not yet listed on Farmstanding and the vendor needs to be invited.

Add a Vendor’s Products to Your Marketplace

Only vendors that have already been added to your listing page can be linked to your marketplace. If you have not added your vendors yet, complete the above step first.

To link vendors to your marketplace, go to the Manage Vendors > Marketplace Vendors section of the Farmstanding Dashboard. All of your listed vendors will appear as options in the list. Check the box next to each member you want to include in your marketplace, then Save Settings.

  • All of the products sold by vendors you selected will now appear in your marketplace.
  • When customers check out through the shop page of any of your vendors, your market location will be listed as an available pickup option.

You can unlink a vendor from your marketplace at any time, and vendors can also unlink themselves as needed.

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